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Yet another Fantastic Episode

For those who could not see, the things Salad Fingers said in the toilet were the answers to the other Salad Fingers waiting back in the shack.

Its a fair job

The animation itself was nearly flawless but those jokes weren't that funny, well at least most of them, some of them did make me laugh. A little improvement on the humor part and this one is a huge hit.

Very good

However there are many aspects you should consider, for instance, adding a cool background, making the moves of the characters more fluid, and make the characters actually fight, not just launch a killing attack and be done with it.
Out of that, it is excelent, congratulations!

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Nice try

I am impressed that even though the presentation is very bad you managed to create an efficient platform to create rollercoaster. I'm even more impressed that you can actuallu ride them. Anyway you show work really hard on the art and on the menus, I think you really have the potential.

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Very well done

Wow this is a quality submition not like all the other crap. Oh and btw let me give some hints to anyone who's stuck:
1. Cracks cracks everywhere, they may connect you know!
2. Try feeding the pigeon some bread with "magic tablets".
3. Try giving some food to that crocodile while watching from a "safe place".

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The game itself was excellent...

but what were you thinking with that hentai part? it just was so low quality, they were so badly drawn in there. Seriuosly the game was great and the graphics in all of it were excellent but try working on hentai a little harder.

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